The Passaic Women's House

In memory of Steven and Susan Nitzkin z'l



The purpose of the Passaic Women's House is to provide a growth-oriented community for young women in their 20s who are solidifying their commitment to a Torah lifestyle.

The project is built on the premise that many women who have grown during their time on campus and/or returned from spending time in seminary in Israel often stagnate and struggle in their continued commitment to Judaism upon their return to America. This project aims to provide them with a growth-oriented environment where they will be able to solidify their commitment to Judaism while living in close proximity to New York City in a warm Jewish community.


The Details

The ideal candidates are those who:


  • Are between the ages of 20-27 years old

  • Have spent at least 3 months in seminary

  • Have committed to growth in Judaism and an observant lifestyle

  • Are excited to be part of the community

  • Want to participate in the regular programming and view the program as an asset and a crucial part of their growth

The Passaic Women’s House consists of:


  • a continuous group of 8-10 women in the house, in addition to other local single women who participate in various programs and classes

  • regular Shabbatons with group meals, classes, inspiration and chizuk

  • at least one night each week with classes given by local speakers

  • local mentor families available to guide participants in their growth

  • access to free dating mentoring and assistance with shidduchim

  • events with the local community

The project is run by Mrs. Liz Winter, who has over 14 years of educational and mentoring experience, and is an experienced dating coach and kallah teacher for Ba'alos Teshuva. Mrs. Winter, Rabbi Winter and their family live in the house next door to the living facility, and host programming there as well as mentoring sessions and other events.

All rooms are private and the all inclusive programming is offered at a subsidized rate made possible by the American Foundation For Jewish Education and Olami. There are 9 bedrooms in the building, a full kitchen, 5 bathrooms, and common areas. Participation in the program generally requires a minimum 6-month initial commitment.

The building is a 7 minute walk from the Passaic train station and 15 minute walk from the bus to Manhattan and other locations in the NY area. The typical participant is in school or working during the weekdays. Across the street is a large park with running/walking paths and a lake, and there are 3 shuls on the block. In addition, the Passaic and Clifton communities are bursting with families eager to make connections with the program's participants. These connections take the form of Shabbos hosting, mentoring, and often times helping the participants through engagement, marriage and beyond.

The program launched in September 2013 and is currently accepting applicants on a rolling basis. If you have any questions or know of suitable candidates for the program, please refer them to



If you have interest in participating, please fill out an application and we will respond as soon as possible.





Your donations help build the next generation of the Jewish people. Thank You.

Living in the Passaic House is an incredible opportunity. Sustaining growth and continuing it in America be tough, as was mine living in an out of town community. However, with the great support system in Passaic, learning opportunities close by and like-minded roommates, living in the house makes it easy and fun!

 Living in the Passaic Women's House has enabled me to plant roots in a frum community. Whereas before, I had to travel for Shabbos and to attend shiurim, to stop by a friend's house and help her with her kids, to buy kosher food, etc.....I now get to experience firsthand what it is like to live with other frum people, in a growth-oriented environment. It has been extremely beneficial to have an affordable housing option with other like-minded women in such a community

One of the hardest parts about becoming a Baal T'shuvah is the process of actually living as a frum Jew outside of seminary in Eretz Israel.  Going to seminary for a long period of time can be the best experience of a girls life, but going home to a non kosher environment can be the biggest struggle.  The house in Passaic is a great way for Baal t'shuvah girls to be in a kosher environment and have the support they need to continue their growth.  I have had such an amazing experience in this house.  We have the help and support of the Winters to get us exposed and involved in the community, which can be very hard as a single girl in a new community.  It is so great that there is a place where girls can go after they are frum to continue their growth in living a Torah life!

Coming back from the cocoon of seminary and the high of living in Israel has not been easy, but as I adjust to life in my new career and surroundings I have found that the girls in the house have provided me support and the Passaic community has welcomed me with open arms. I am thankful that I made this choice.